Kerala, India
December 17-20. 2015


Paper Submission Information:


On acceptance of the abstract, a full-length paper has to be prepared (contributed paper of 6-8 pages, keynote/invited paper-16 pages) as per the prescribed format, and submitted again through the website.

To ensure high standards, all contributed papers will be reviewed by two independent reviewers and based on the reviewers’ comments, track chairs will take a decision on the acceptance of the papers. To make certain that the corrections suggested by the reviewers have been incorporated, authors will be asked to resubmit the revised manuscript for final acceptance.

Subsequently, on final acceptance, a soft copy (both Word and pdf file) of the full length paper together with a separate abstract to facilitate publication in the proceedings is to be sent. All accepted papers will form part of the proceedings to be released at the time of the conference.


Important note to the authors


Each paper should be written legibly with an overall structure that include sections on Introduction, Formulation and Method of Solution/Experimental Facility and Technique, Discussions on Results followed by Conclusions. Each paper should have a minimum of 6 pages and a maximum of 8 pages in A4 size as detailed in the Template available in the Link below. Papers prepared without adhering to above conditions will be summarly rejected. Co-authors are strongly advised to register themselves for participating in the conference as multiple presentations by a single registered author/coauthor is not permissible unless the paper is single authored.



Click here to download the Word Template Click here to download the Latex Template